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Acceleration Sample Problems

  1. A carís velocity increases from rest to 14 m/s, E, in 3.5 sec. What is its acceleration? What is its acceleration if it next slows down to 7 m/s, E, in 2 sec?
  2. A mass is attached to a string and then dropped. What is its velocity after 5 sec?
  3. A car accelerates from 6 m/s, W, to 20 m/s, W, over a distance of 50 m. What is its rate of acceleration?
  4. A ball rolls off a horizontal roof 5 m above the ground. How long does it take to hit the ground?
  5. A car is moving at 16.67 m/s when it begins to decelerate at 1.5m/s2. How long does it take for it to go 70 m?
  6. At the instant a traffic light turns green, a waiting car takes off with a uniform acceleration rate of 8 m/s2. At exactly the same instant, another car, traveling at a constant rate of 20 m/s, passes the first car in another lane. How long does it take the first car to overtake the second? How far does the first car travel before overtaking the second? How fast is the first car traveling at the moment it overtakes the second car?
  7. Using data collected in an experiment, a student determined the speed of his object at each time interval.
(time in sec, speed in m/s)
(0, 0)
(1, 2)
(2, 2)
(4, 1)

Acceleration Notes

Acceleration Homework