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Directions for Assembling a String Racer

3/4 inch rigid pulley
1/2 inch PVC sch 40 pipe
one 8 1/4 inch
two 2 3/4 inch
$1.18/10 feet
1/2 inch PVC 90° elbow
$1.09/package of ten
10-24 x 1 Round Head Machine Screws with nuts
$0.98/ package of 6
3/16 inch, 5 1/2 inch eye hook turnbuckle
#18 x 800 nylon twine
15 feet
$3.96/800 feet

Two medium size clips can be attached to the bottom of the long PVC pipe segment as shown to hold the accelerometer. Screws can be used to secure the clip to the PVC pipe or hot glue. If hot glue is used, the clip will snap off easily.

The cost of the String Racer is approximately $4.50/unit.

picture of string racer

Activities Using the String Racer

Assembly Directions for Accelerometer

This activity was developed for an AAPT/PTRA workshop, The Role of Toys in Teaching Physics, presented November 13, 1999, in Houston, TX, by Peggy E. Schweiger.