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Home Page of Peggy E. Schweiger

1st Period - 1998 Boat Challenge

I was startled at how much fun the boat races turned out to be. I thought that it would be just another boring lab, however that assumption proved wrong as the crowds cheered for their favorite boat, and I for mine. Also, I found that cardboard had an uncanny ability to hold off water, and remain afloat, I had feared that our boat would be mush, and yet another assumption proved inaccurate. In conclusion, the boat races were both fun and educational.
Michael Miller

The boat races were really great. I was surprised at how many people were at the races that werenít even in Physics. It was cool to see the creative designs for the boats. I especially liked the gun turret boat with the dry ice and the pontoon boat. The boat races were a fun way to learn about buoyant forces and Physics. I was surprised at how well the cardboard kept water out of the boat and didnít soak it up. I learned that most of the boats tipped over because of poor balance or leaking at the seams.
Matt Johnson

When Mrs. Schweiger first told us about the ďCardboard Boat Challenge,Ē I thought she was joking. I could not even begin to imagine how that could possibly work. After we started constructing our boat, I still could not see how we were going to make it all the way across the pool. I was so skeptical, even though I know that the laws of physics said that we would make it. Now that the race is over and done with, I am so surprised at all the boats that made it. I had no idea that all those boats, made simply of cardboard and cheap tape, could support at least two people and reach their destination.
Katy George

The boat contest was a blast!! At first, I wasnít sure if it would be fun or not and I figured it would be just another boring project. But it was and it gave us a chance to learn while having fun (thatís the best way)! Even though some people didnít make it across you could tell they were still having fun.

The boat contest was a nice and interesting experience that we learned a lot from. It was nice that we got to race against all the other Physics classes and to beat all the higher levels of Physics after they were talking trash. Even though we didnít make it across we learned a lot and we enjoyed ourselves. It was nice to see the output of people that turned for the races and all the cheering and screaming that went on.

Boat competition rocked. Even though our personal boat did not fare that well in the actual competition, it was interesting and exciting to watch every one else. The poolroom was packed with spectators, which made it all the more fun. I think, in the long run, the students benefited from learning this lesson by actually performing this experiment hands on. I hope that future classes can experience that also.

The most exciting part of this whole experience was finding the perfect box!!! No, actually, it was so cool to climb into a cardboard box and make it across the pool completely dry. Everyone really got into the whole thing, and being a part of the competition really encouraged everyone to do their best. If I have the chance next year, I plan on building a yacht and serving refreshments!
Kymberlea Salley

When this project was announced, I had mixed reactions. My first reaction was ďwow this is going to be so cool.Ē But then I started thinking about how hard it would be. Building a boat out of cardboard and tape seemed like a wacky idea. There was no way my team and I could possibly build a cardboard boat. Finally (after putting off building the boat until the last minute) we started. We had no clue where to begin. We just decided to start attaching cardboard object together. We eventually ended up with a raft. When we got to the boat races, our boat started looking like it would sink. And it almost did. As soon as my teammate and I got in the boat it started to sink. But we repositioned ourselves and the boat stabilized. We started to paddle and miraculously made it to the other side. It was so much fun to actually be on the boat and race. I couldnít stop talking about it for hours. It was a really fun experience that made Physics exciting.
Diane Whittington

I really enjoyed the cardboard boat challenge lab. It was different than any other lab I had ever done, so it was exciting. I also liked being able to see all of the other boatsí designs and patterns. It was fun to watch boats sink and people get soaked. My group and I put a lot of hard work into our boat which was made out of just cardboard and tape. We ended up working on the boat for about seven hours! I have no idea how many rolls of tape we used, I lost count after about twenty-five. I guess our hard work paid off though because our boat didnít sink or tip, it actually won!!
Jennifer Johnson

I like the boat races because it was good way for us to have fun, but at the same time learn about buoyant forces. At first when we started I didnít think any of the boats would work, but in the end it was a success. The different types of boats and how each of them functioned was a very exciting thing to visualize. These different ideas made me think and I will eventually come up with a boat style better than the rest.
Bo Jones

To tell you the truth, the races shocked me. When I walked into the pool area and saw the hundreds of people it blew my mind. I was anxious to see what happened to our boat and the rest of the different designed ones. I donít think I stopped laughing the whole time I was there from watching all my friends and their boats. I think that was the most definitely the best and funniest project I have ever done in Klein Oak. I also think the spectators had a good time. I really didnít think our boat would win or make it across the pool, when looking at all the other cool looking boats. To be honest I really considered taking Physics II next year just because of the boat races.
Ryan English

The boat races were a fun way to learn about buoyancy. The whole time we were there it was competitive and exciting. Before the time my boat was to go I had butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous because I didnít want my boat to sink, but it did. It was funny to see all the boats sink and the successful ones. This project was far better than any Iíve ever done before. Since this was such a hands on project everyone learned more because they had to do it themselves. Next year I am taking Physics II and one reason is to experience the boat races again.

I thought that the boat races were a very unique way to learn the lesson of buoyancy. At first I thought our boat was going to sink because it was a big square. Surprisingly enough it made it all the way across. After we raced the first time we wanted to do it again. The project was really fun, and very competitive for everyone. I wish we had taken more time to build our boat because there were a lot of really cool looking ones there.
Tiffany Keb

I was really astonished when I saw the boat races. I couldnít believe that most of the boats actually floated, and the number of students that attended it was incredible. There were probably more students there than at most of the pep rallies. The races taught us about buoyancy when we saw which boats floated and the few that didnít. We also saw some of the effects of torque when boats whose center of gravity was too high flipped over. I will definitely attend the races next year whether I am a participant or not.
Miles Wilson

The main purpose of the boat races was to learn about fluids and buoyancy. I personally had a blast. Who thought learning could be such fun. When I first entered the natatorium I was amazed by the crowd of people present. The entire pool area was filled with wet people and cardboard boats and the stands were full of yelling students, parents, and children. When I first saw some of the boats I did not think they had any chance of floating. To my amazement the majority of the boats floated. The experience was exciting and informative.
Scott Stringfield

When this boat project was first assigned I didnít think it would be much fun. When I got together with my group and began building this ridiculous boat out of cardboard and cheap tape, I thought for sure that it was going to sink. Then when we got to the pool area and all those kids were there, I was shocked. I was just expecting the minimum number of kids to come. That added to the excitement. When our funky looking boat got up to the pool I wasnít sure how it would do. When it went into the water and took off. That made the whole event worthwhile and enjoyable.
Logan Wood