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3rd Period - 1998 Boat Challenge

Ryan Curran
The boat races that we were at yesterday was a wild and crazy time. It was fun to see all of our classmates sink, but have fun doing it. The only correction that I would have made would have been to get the event more organized. The heats should have been more contained and less chaotic.

Tom Wagner
The boat races yesterday gave us an opportunity to use our creative minds to design boats. It was fun to see the people that fell in the water. The only bad part was the chaotic nature of the event. It also gave us an opportunity to compare our boats to other peoplesí boats.

Kristin Bates
The boat races held yesterday were very exciting!! It gave us the opportunity to work with our friends outside of class and create our own designs. The only change that I would make would be to organize the races so that everyone knew when their heat was up. It was fun to watch the boats sink!!!

Cameron Keel
The boat race was held yesterday and created an opportunity to allow the whole school to join in spirit outside of sports activities. It was exciting watching the variety of designs that were created by all levels of physics students. It was also fun to what the variety of boats that sunk or barely made it across the pool. A change that would be a kind of helpful would be to create a billboard to organize when the heats are and make lanes and assign lanes for each boat.

Daryl Sparks
The boat races were great! It was a time to allow all the people of the school that wanted to, to come and see everyone make fools of themselves. I loved it. It was amazing how many people came to join in the fun. I think that this project should be continued for the other classes in the years to come.

Minesh Patel
The boat races were a great and exciting. I had a lot of fun and actually learned something also. The boats were fun to get into and start racing, and were even fun to just get in the pool and mess around. I would recommend this for next year.

Justin Johnson
The boat challenge was a great event to challenge the students. Building the boat was fun. It was a great time to show our true skills. It was so funny to watch all the people sink in their boats. It was exciting to see more of the student body there, more than at pep rally. If I were going to do this again, I would make the races more organized and less entropy.

Hillary Bradshaw
The boat races were a lot of fun. Although building the boat was very time consuming it was still a fun project. If your boat made it that was great, but it was even more fun to watch people sink, or even better--flip. It was great that so many people showed up to watch it.

I enjoyed the boat project very much. Building the boats was fun and gave us the chance to get together and work on a project with our friends in which we could show off our creative and skillful sides. Racing the boats was even better. It was hilarious to watch everyone paddle across the pool, some unsuccessfully and some aimlessly. I also enjoyed the enthusiasm people showed towards the race. So many anticipated the race all week and when the time came, many non-physics students came to see what all the talk was about. They were not disappointed!

Brandi Harris
The boat races were so much fun. In the beginning I did not think that any of the boats would float but to my surprise about 90% of them did. It was so exciting when your boat made it all the way across, but it was also funny when people flipped or sank. Overall I think that the races were a great learning experience.

I thought it was an exciting and overcrowded experience where people were crammed into the natatorium like sardines. I enjoyed watching my friends swim or paddle across the pool and laughing at the ones that didnít make it. It was all good fun, even if I capsized my boat in the end. All in all, it was probably the most fun Iíve had in school even though it took 8 hours to build my boat. I liked it.

Stacey Barnhart
I thought the boat races was the best thing we have done all year. I had fun trying to compete with my classmates in order to get our boat across the pool. I was terrified that we were going to sink, but in the end our boat actually floated and made it across. I hope that the physics classes continue to have these races every year, so that if Iím in AP Physics next year, I can build the best boat and win the race. Overall, I liked the boat races a lot, especially because my boat made it across.

September Frederick
I had so much fun at the boat races! I wish I could be here next year to do it again. This is definitely something that should be continued after this year. It was hard at first to come up with a design, but it was interesting to see how creative some of the other teams were. The best thing about it was that all the physics classes got together to work on it. It was also really nice that so many people came to watch. I hope we get to do something like this again during the second semester.

Paul G
I thought that the boat lab was an interesting and fun way to learn about buoyant forces. Overall, the lab seemed organized and I was really glad that I didnít have to get into the boat. It surprised me that so many of the boats were able to cross the pool, despite their simple designs and flimsy cardboard.

The boat races were fun and exciting. Though I was confident that my boat would get across, I am glad that I brought my bathing suit. This experiment should definitely become a tradition at Klein Oak. P.S. - It was shocking to find that just cardboard and tape could keep over 360 pounds afloat.

I didnít get to go to the boat races because I had to work, but I had fun building the boat. I really didnít think that our boat would even float at all, but it made it across the pool with the two heaviest people in our group. I got to watch the video tape of it, and it looked like everybody was having a lot of fun.

Andrew Power
I did not like this lab that much. We spent at least 10 hours working on it, and since it was just a daily grade, I donít think that it was worth that much time. The idea was good, but it would have been a lot better if it was a major grade. I didnít think that so many boats would make it across. Building the boat probably would have been much more fun if it didnít fall apart at the last moment. The best part was probably watching my other partners fight over tiny details that really didnít matter.

I thought the boat lab was fun once we finally got to put in the water. I did not enjoy getting to that point though. We worked on it for two days and it was only a daily grade. I didnít really get along with one of my group members and the project on the whole brought a lot of unwanted and unneeded stress. On the lighter side, I was glad that our boat made it and was quite surprised at the number of others that made it too.