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Home Page of Peggy E. Schweiger

4th Period - 1998 Boat Challenge

Alyssa Nichols
I thought the boat races were a really good experiment. I realized that you have to take balance into account, as well as Archimedes Principle. Boats with a large capacity could hold more weight.

Jason Kopke
From the boat races I learned how to apply Archimedes Principle to the actual building of the boat. I realized that having a V- hull was much more efficient than flat bottom boats. We had an excellent turn out of fan support ranging from students to parents.

Suzanne Summers
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the actual races, but I learned a lot from building the boat as well as watching the video. I learned about Archimede’s principle, and that the larger the surface area the better the boat did. The boats that were flat canoes, as well as ships, v-hull, boats did well also.

Meera Patel
The boat races were so much fun. I learned a lot from building the boat, and about Archimede’s Principle. It was really cool that a lot of the student body came out to support everyone.

Kristen Strutz
The hands on learning experience with the boat races was extremely exciting and beneficial. If I were to repeat this project, I would really love to get in the boat. I learned so much and would recommend this project to any teacher.

Myles Hale
I really enjoyed the entire boat project. It was both fun and easy. It showed everyone’s creativity and made us think about how buoyant force is a factor in everyday life.

Randy Salazar
This activity was one of the highlights of my high school life. I took the time to appreciate the physics of the situation. Interactive work of the group was unique. Working together is always a good thing. Overall, it was fun.

R. McD
The cardboard boat race proved to be a worthwhile experience for the entire group. I was glad that I was one that had the opportunity to ride along in the boat. This race also helped us in the understanding of buoyant force for our Physics class.

Danny Dube
The boat race was a complete success in my opinion. It was fun experiment even though we did not make it across the pool because our boat flipped many times. It intellectually challenged us to apply Archimede’s Principle to your boat designs.

Eric Hanson
This activity was the most unique experience I have encountered during my high school career. Not only was it fun, it was also enriching to our minds. I have finally found the reason that a 20,000 ton oil tanker can float on the surface of the ocean.

Chris Sutphen
I really liked this activity because I got a chance to see interesting boat designs. Many of them were so creative, I almost felt that ours looked bad. But, it got us across the pool, which is more than I can say for other boats. The water proved that all designs were buoyant to some degree.

Dane Plumley
I never really thought that cardboard would be able to hold two high school students, but I was proven wrong because a large majority of the boats made it across easily. I enjoyed the challenge of being able to construct something (although not very attractive) that could actually work. This has also shown me one more example of how physics can apply to life.

Kathleen O’Connor
The boat races displayed Archimede’s Principle in an interesting and amusing way. Everyone participated in a different way, but we all learned the same basic ideas. This demonstration showed Physics in an apparent, unique way.

Sarah Wiebe
The boat races helped me further understand the Archimede’s principle. It also taught me that if I were to build a new boat I would increase the volume and the surface area. The boat races were a fun and an interesting way to learn the concept of buoyant force.

Andy Stapp
I never imagined that a race of cardboard boats could catch the interest of so many students. I was amazed at how many students showed up just to watch and speculate what boats would sink or float. Over all the boat race was a good experience and a fun way to learn the fundamentals of physics

Stephanie James
Everywhere we go, some concept of physics occurs and goes unnoticed. This project allowed us to apply what we learned. I wasn’t sure at first if we were going to be able to build a boat of cardboard that could support two students, but it became clear when my group as well as many others accomplished that feat.

Kristen Nichols
I never would have thought that pieces of cardboard taped together would ever float, but now I know that it really is possible. I learned why real boats float on the water from the laws of physics. It was great to see all the creative boat inventions.

Daonna Kinsel
Though it took extreme amounts of time, thought, perseverance, and effort it all paid off to have such a successful Klein Oak Regatta. It was amazing to see some of the boats that actually made it across the pool especially when we all thought they wouldn’t. Going into the race and the making of the boats I didn’t understand the buoyant force but now I do.

Lauren Wallace
This project was really cool because I had an excuse to make something stupid. Even though I thought our boat was too flimsy it actually held up really well in the pool. Our group didn’t quite master the “getting in the boat part,” but I had so much fun.

Zach Muhn
The concept of a large group of people cheering on another large group of people with cardboard may seem ludicrous, but it definitely occurred. The Klein Oak “Regatta” (a euphemism for a bunch of cardboard hastily taped together in the vague shape of a boat or many boats) was a lot of fun for me. I learned very much about buoyant force, and how it applies to laughing at people whose boat sunk.

Eric Zan
The boat races was a surprising experience for me because I learned a lot about architectural design and how it relates to Buoyant force. The long hour seemed like a large party as most of my friends were all gathered together in the same place. I would like another chance to redeem myself now that I understand the concepts involved with making the boat, so maybe next year.