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Home Page of Peggy E. Schweiger

5th Period - 1998 Boat Challenge

Drue Lee
The races yesterday were fun filled and action packed. Even though everyone didnít make it across the pool they had fun trying. Even though we had so called boxes and the AP students had boats we still had the fastest time by L. and R.

Erik Estes
The first annual Klein Oak Boat Regatta proved to be a complete success. There was teamwork radiating throughout the natatorium, and the physics teachers made their project total fun and many of us will have fond memories of it.

Bryan Bruning
The first-annual Klein Oak Cardboard Boat Regatta was a huge success. The combination of physics and fun were mind-boggling. I enjoyed the actual building the most, because building a boat out of just cardboard and tape does not seem very feasible when you begin. It is probably the best and most memorable high-school project I have done.

Kara Carlson
I must admit that I definitely had my doubts concerning the success of Klein Oakís first annual Boat Regatta. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the amount of fun everyone had and by the Honors classís success over the AP class.

Jackie Replogle
I enjoyed the Boat Regatta. Everyone seemed to have had lots of fun. At the end of all the races the winning boats tried to see how many people could pile into the large boats before sinking. One of the larger boats had at east ten students in the boat at one time. I have a feeling that this will become a fun tradition for years to come at Klein Oak.

Kristen van Wageningen
I enjoyed the boat races a great deal. I feel they were fun, while worthwhile. It was funny to look at all the different designs and compare the success stories. I hope that this tradition continues so future physics students can experience this incredible event.

Bobby Darilek
The boat race was a great experience. It is the first large-scale science experiment I have taken a part in and I think it went great. I had a great time comparing designs and watching some of the hilarious boats racing. I feel that it was a great way to apply physics to a real-life situation, and I think the boat race added some excitement to just being taught the lesson by lecture.

Mandy Miller
The boat races were exciting and fun. Everyone stayed to watch the races after they were done. Even people how were not in Physics came to watch the races. This project was useful because you were able to do something fun and apply Physics. All in all I would do it again if I could.

Mara Turner
The first annual Regatta at Klein Oak was a huge success. There were many people there to witness the historic race. Looking at all the different boat designs was really neat. This was a great experience for all the Physics students and other students. I hope people enjoy this for years to come.

R. W.
The Regatta Festival as I called was the best school activity Iíve had all year long. The fun part about it wasnít watching people sink their boats, but rather learning the physics that went along with it. Itís not that often that you do a project and actually learn something. All the excitement rose tensions in all the groups. The best part was that this project could be shared with all of Klein Oak students, who urged us on to the finish line. Next year will be even more fun when we do it again.

Kris Ogorchock
The Klein Oak High School Regatta was an event that Iíll always remember. The crowd that showed up was much greater than I suspected. Every time that a boat would sink, the fans would cheer. I learned a lot about physics and what makes them float. This event was so fun, that I was convinced that taking Physics II would be a blast. Next year Iím going to win.

Joey Mignogna
The boat races were AWESOME! My boat wasnít exactly the best design around, but I still had fun making it. The boat designs of some of the people were so well built that it took forever to take them apart. Although I am not taking Physics II next year I wish I could still be involved in the boat races. I am sure if I got another chance to build a cardboard boat it would be possible of going out to sea!

Anthony Borski
The races were a blast! It was hilarious watching all my friends falling into the water. Iím sure they enjoyed watching me fall in too! Having all those people there to cheer us on was really encouraging. My advice to anyone doing this project is, think about the physics and have fun. I canít wait until next year so we can beat Mrs. Schweigerís class.

Clinton Dixon
It was fun watching everyone fall into the water. It was just as much fun falling into the water. This experience helped keep interest in Physics. I enjoyed building the boat as much as racing. I only wish that next year I could come back and do it again. But if I did I would make it all the way across the pool.

Nina Davis
What a turnout! There were so many people it was really hard to watch the races but it was a blast when you saw some of the boats flip over, especially my group. This was an experience that Iíll never forget and would love to participate in again, but with a better-designed boat.

Sarah Young
The races were great! Walking into the natatorium, there was a huge crowd of people and many wet friends. I was a great amount of fun seeing my buddies paddling across the pool, sinking, and rejoicing when they were victorious in reaching the other side. It was incredible to see which boats made the journey and which didnít. I will never forget it.

Jimmy Hissong
I was shocked when I first walked into the natatorium, there were so many people, which greatly increased my personal level of nervousness. I did not want to sink in front of practically the whole school, especially when the majority of the boats, despite their design, were making it across. It sure was fun to watch everyone else go, though. I think everyone enjoyed it, even building the boats was pretty enjoyable. Overall, it was a lot of cardboard.

Kevin Progar
The boat challenge was very fun. It also was really exciting to see all of those people there. Also, I didnít expect so many boats to complete the race and in such a quick time too. Its just amazing that boats made out of cardboard and tape can float with about 250-300+ pounds of mass on it. It was also probably the hardest thing I have ever done for a single daily grade.

Gregg Zimmerman
The boat races were the most fun that I have ever had during a school related activity. The turnout at the races was great. There were probably almost 100 people packed into the swimming pool area. It was cool that boats made out of only cardboard and tape could make it across a pool with between 200 and 300 pounds inside of them. There were many interesting designs and many people fell into the water. Overall, it was a great time.

Jonathan Dunbar
The boat project was very fun and interesting. I never imagined that cardboard could support people in water. When I first walked into the pool area I was amazed to see how many people were there. Some of the students there werenít even in a Physics class. Everyone enjoyed the race. And seeing some of the boats that I thought wouldnít support themselves, make it across the pool holding two people was really amazing. Iím sure that the local stores were happy because they were always sold out of tape. However, they probably didnít appreciate students rummaging through their trash dumpsters to find cardboard.

Rehan Merchant
The boat project was fun and very interesting. At first, I thought it could not be done but it turned out to work really good. At the pool area, when I walked in, I was very surprised to see the gymnasium almost to capacity. I was glad to see that. I think the project turned out to be a blast for every student. I saw many kinds of boats of all shapes and sizes. I was glad my project worked or I would have been very embarrassed. The hardest part of the project was finding the cardboard. Once that was out of the way, you just had to be creative and hoped it worked at the actual race. This physics class is the most fun science class I have ever been in!!

Joey Fry
This by far has been one of the most challenging yet most fun competition/projects I have ever been in. This should be included in classroom study for years to come. It not only provided a fun atmosphere for those in the class, but it also promoted Physics as a fun explanation to how the world works. The area this took place was packed with people-most of who were actually not even Physics students here at school. This race provided us with a challenging project not only in Physics, but also in team building. Mrs. Schweiger was so worried about who would and wouldnít have fun, so she told me during the competition; but as I looked around the pool area and saw not one person without a smile on their face, I knew her idea was a complete success. Way to go Mrs. Schweiger!!!

Travis Miller
When my group first heard about the boat project we had no clue how we were going to do this, what we considered, impossible task. How in the world could we make cardboard float two people using only masking tape? Well, after doing a little research and getting the group together it was a riot, we had so much fun building the boat - and it was the only ďHondaĒ with rear spoiler and hood mounted cowl induction system! I was really surprised to see how many people came to watch us sink, still convinced that it would never float, and I was really surprised to see our boat make it all the way across the pool. BUT, what I was the most impressed about is that after the main races were over our boat floated around the pool for about 10 minutes with SIX people in it!!