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Home Page of Peggy E. Schweiger

5th Period - 1998 Boat Challenge

Holly Crump
The boat lab was a lot of fun, and I think that it made students look at physics differently- not just as another class. It was something different that most students never even would have thought would begin to work.

Ryan Lane
The 1st annual Klein Oak cardboard regatta was the most fun physics has ever been. After doing it I have had an urge to take on the concrete boat race. In the mean time registration fees, of ten dollars, are being collected for the first annual cardboard white rapid races in Cypress Woodís creek, make all checks payable to-

Leslie Laha
The first annual Klein Oak High School cardboard boat regatta would have been more fun if I had not fallen in at the starting line, but nevertheless, it was a lot of fun. I was amazed to see some of the boats that made it across and I was impressed with some of the designs that people came up with.

Candice Henley
The thing about this project that I will most definitely never forget, is the fear of being held in my death trap of a boat, and perishing at the bottom of the Klein Oak pool. Well, it really wasnít horrible, and Iíd do it all over again! It was a great experience, and I personally learned a lot about teamwork and buoyancy. The project also stimulated healthy competition among all of the Physics classes.

As we all predicted, the winning boat was from the Physics I class, not Physics AP. Iím glad to see that the AP class was put in their place. When my parents first heard about racing cardboard boats, they laughed and said that it couldnít be done. The Physics boat race was enjoyable and educational as well, for both the students and adults.

The boat races were a lot of fun, though I probably would have more fun if my boat had made it. This class is a lot more exciting that the average class and the boat races are just one example. I think you new physics students will have a lot of fun but beware I will be there next year in Physics AP looking for vengeance!

The boat thing was pretty cool, yet I could have designed my boat a little better (Okay a lot better so sue me!). I had fun brainstorming with my partners even though they were lacking in the mental category (just kidding yaíll). You learn about physics without knowing about it, and you have fun doing it. I hope we do this next year and I will beat all of you.

Tim Park
We all had fun at the boat regatta. Especially since our boat did fairly well. It was also amusing when a member of our group fell in the water fully clothed. Iím sure everyone will have fun again next year and it will be even better.

We had a great time during the race. The amount of people there watching was enormous, and the number of boats that made it across the entire pool amazed me. I didnít think our boat would make it all the way across, but surprisingly it did. I hope I can participate in the race next year, it should be fun.

Solomon Chan
I was looking forward to going down with the boat, however, the other members of my group did not share my intentions. Not only did our boat not go down, but also I didnít even get to ride in our boat. Nonetheless, the regatta was as fun as it was informational, and everyone who participated thoroughly enjoyed it.

I thought that the boat races were pretty fun. Everyone took one look at our boat and automatically assumed it would sink. In fact I wasnít even so sure we would make it. After an outrageous balancing act we did make it across the pool, surprising all of those who belittled our ability. I ended up getting wet because I had to jump in and retrieve our paddles. Then I went outside and froze.

S. C.
I think that as a whole, the boat races were a fun experience for all students. Students learn more from these types of experiences than anything else. My favorite part was the group that, when getting up to get out of the boat, the bottom gave way and the girl went straight down through the boat. It was a fun day.

Parker Thomas
When Mrs. Schweiger told us that we were going to not only build a boat out of only cardboard and tape, but also paddle it across a swimming pool as well, I was sure she had lost it. Now I love all the wild things she does to make physics fun for us, but everyone thought this crossed the line. I was fully prepared to sink, get soaking wet, and catch pneumonia in the process. But none of that happened. We made it across in a little over 20 seconds and I didnít even get a drop on me. This regatta was a great idea because (although I hate to admit it) it made school fun, which I suppose is the way it should be.

Mrs. Schweigerís Physics class has always been a hands-on experience, but the cardboard boat race was the best demonstration yet. Our groups were given the opportunity to discover for ourselves the scientific principles behind the reasons a boat can float. Even though our vessel wasnít the fastest of them all, it made it across eventually, and so the project was a total success.

Anthony Shoemaker
Pegís Pride certainly served our group well. You see, that was the name of our stellar vessel in the 1st annual Klein Oak HS Cardboard Boat Regatta. This was by far the most exciting school sponsored event since football season ended. In fact, football games are the only place Iíve seen more students gathered together for a school related function. No, you will not find Pegís Pride in the National Museum of Seamanry, but it definitely navigated the K.O. pool well.

Erik Schindewolf
The boat races gave students the opportunity to learn a physics principle through experience. Although I was skeptical at first, our boat turned out to be a huge success, as did the entire event. All participants gained a deeper insight to the forces of buoyancy, and it was accomplished in a fun, competitive atmosphere.

The boat was a new experience for everyone. Most school-sponsored events with the exception of sports events are pretty boring but this was extremely fun and I think it should be done next year. Our boat was too buoyant but we surprisingly made it across the pool. I learned a great deal about buoyancy that I didnít understand before.

A. L. D.
I did not think that the boat races would be anything like how they were. It was predicted by most students as a drag or another boring thing to stay after for after school. But as it turned out, I enjoyed it a lot and am thinking about taking physics 2 next year just so I can participate in the boat races. I had a lot of fun doing them and I think that the races are a keeper.

The 1st Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta was an interesting experience for all involved. Our group learned a great deal about Archemedies Principal through research and experimentation. We also discovered valuable information about cardboard for future use.

Matt Overholt
I thought that the boat races were pretty cool. There were a lot of people there. The boat we had was good but Iím not going to say what it was like. Just know that as you read this I am in AP and working on my boat.

Geoff Relick
It was funny to see that more people would attend a class event then the pep rallies after school. I think that activities like this one will help students make the decision to have that extra year of science. Not only was it informational but it was fun too.