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Home Page of Peggy E. Schweiger

Instructions for Major Labs

You will prepare an individual major lab write-up that you will load onto an Internet site for the first, the second, the third, the fifth, and the sixth six weeks. Your science fair project will be the major lab for the fourth sixth weeks.

You must have Web access, either through a home computer or using the computers in the classroom. You may schedule a time to use the computers in the classroom if you do not have Web access at home.

You must have the following information. Some of this you may "cut-and-paste" from your group's lab on the Internet.

  1. At the top of your lab, list your name and your class period.
  2. Title (one that distinguishes it from other major labs)
  3. Purpose (remember - a laboratory investigation answers questions. What question(s) did this lab answer or what did it seek to find or prove?).
  4. You do not have to include a procedure, materials, data, or graphs.
  5. Follow the instructions in your computer lab set-up for Calculations and Interpretation of Data for Major Lab. All the requested information must be included.
  6. Include your answers to your questions. You do not have to include the question. You must answer in complete sentences, when appropriate.
  7. You must have a conclusion to your lab. In your conclusion, answer your purpose. Report any results for any variables that you found, with a percentage error (if found).

When your lab is completed, choose to save your document as an HTML document. It is now ready to put on the Internet. If you have Web access (with a site such as Tripod or Geocities, for example), you may upload your document to your Web site. If you do not have Web access, you must schedule a time to upload your major lab using the computers in the classroom.

You must email or turn in a piece of paper with the URL for your major lab by the due date. Include your name in the body of the message.