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Sample Problems

  1. A metal bar 2.6 m long at 21°C is heated to 93°C. Its new length is 2.6034 m. What is its coefficient of linear expansion?
  2. A piece of aluminum (a = 25 x 10-6 /°C) is 3.66 m long at -28°C. What will its length be at 39°C?
  3. An aluminum (b = 75 x 10-6 /° C) can has a volume of 354 cm3 at 4.4° C. What will its volume be at 34.5° C? When it is at 4.4° C, it is filled to the brim with water (b =210 x 10-6 /° C). How much will overflow when at 34.5° C?
  4. What is the pressure exerted by a 3 kg mass on a box top 5 cm x 2 cm?
  5. What is the force causing a pressure of 3000 Pa over a 0.50 m2 cross-sectional area?
  6. A lake is 30 m deep. What is the pressure at that depth?
  7. What is the buoyant force experienced by a box of mass 5 kg with dimensions of 15 cm x 12 cm x 13 cm when it is totally immersed in water? What is the apparent weight of the object?
  8. What is the buoyant force exerted on 0.001 m3 of steel (r = 9000 kg/m3) immersed in water? What is its apparent weight?

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