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Home Page of Peggy E. Schweiger

MLA Guidelines for Printed & Nonprinted Material


In your Works Cited section, record the bibliographic information in the following order:

  1. Author's (or editor's)full name, last name first. If there is a second author, it is written second author's first name first, followed by the last name. If there are three or more authors, follow the first author's anme (last name first) with a comma and the abbreviations et al. Follow an editor's name with a comma and the abbreviation ed.
  2. Title and subtitle (if any), undrelined. Follow the title with the edition of the book and the number of volumes whenever this information is given.
  3. City of publication (first city listed). Also give the state if the city is not well-known or if there is more than one city with the same name.
  4. A shortened form of the publisher's name.
  5. Most recent copyright year.


List the series and number of the pamphlet, if any, after the title. Otherwise, it is the same as for a book.


For a work in an anthology, follow this order:

  1. Author, last name first
  2. Title of the work, in quotation marks
  3. Title of the anthology, underlined
  4. Abbreviation Ed. followed by the editor's name, first name first
  5. The same information as for other books, as well as the page numbers of the piece.

Periodicals, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries

The author and title are cited in the same way for all of these sources:

  1. Author's name, last name first. (For multiple authors, follow the format for books)
  2. Title of the article, followed by a period, in quotation marks.
  3. Name of the magazine, journal, newspaper, dictionary, or encyclopedia, underlined.

Personal interview

Follow this order:

  1. Name of the person interviewed, last name first
  2. The words, Personal (or Telephone) interview
  3. Date of the interview (day, month, and year)

Television and radio programs

Follow this order:

  1. Title of the program, underlined
  2. Network call letters
  3. Local station call letters and city of station
  4. The date the show was aired (day, month, and year)