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Myers Scrapbook Page 2

Sarah J. Myers

Picture of Unknown Sister (tentatively identified as Sarah and Albert Balenger):

picture of unknown sister

Malisa Florence (Florie) Myers

Picture of Family of Florie Myers Clemmer:

picture of Florie

Elbert, Henry Clemmer, Arthur, Lela Dell, Florie Clemmer, and Earl Clemmer

Henrietta Myers

Tom Locklear's mother is the oldest of the three daughters of Clayton Samuel "Shorty" and Vera "Bobbie" Wheeler Horton. The three sisters were called Fustie, Mutt, and Doodie.

Wedding Picture of Henrietta and Joseph Wheeler:

wedding picture of Henrietta

Picture of Willa Retta and Mary Katherine Horton (mother of Tom and her younger sister) :

picture of Verna and Vera