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Jane Ann Futhey Myers

Born: April 4, 1845 in Illinois

In 1850, her family was living in Mechanic Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

Parents: Abraham and Louisa Futhey

Died: March 15, 1909 -- buried in I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Godley, TX

At time of death, Jane Ann and Thomas J. Myers had "broken up housekeeping" and she was living with her daughter Myrtle

Cleburne Daily Enterprise, Tuesday, March 16, 1909 bearing the headline "Mrs. Tom Myers Dead," with subheading of "From Result of Runaway Accident, Aged Lady Dies at Godley--The Funeral Tomorrow." The text of the report is as follows: "Special to the Daily Enterprise. Godley, TX, March 16. Yesterday afternoon while Mrs. Tom Myers, Mrs. Claude Vinther (Myrtle Myers), and little Miss Vera Wheeler were out driving in a surrey, the horse became frightened, running away and throwing the occupants out of the vehicle. Mrs. Myers received injuries from which she died this morning at 1 o'clock. Mrs. Vinther was painfully injured but is doing well today and no serious results are expected. The little girl escaped without injury. Mrs. Myers, the deceased, was about 64 years of age. She was the mother of Mrs. J. W. Lowder (Lillie) and Mrs. Vinther and was on a visit to them at the time of her death. Her husband will arrive from Hamilton county tonight and the funeral will take place at Godley tomorrow at 11 o'clock am. The runaway occurred by the horse first getting frightened at an automobile and in his jumping from that the whip in the dash board hit him and he then became unmanageable and backed into a ravine, overturning the surrey with the above results."

Thomas Jefferson Myers

Born: May 8, 1840 in Patoka, Gibson County, Illinois

Parents: Samuel Houston and Patsy Wallace Myers

Died: July 7, 1928 -- buried in Eastview Cemetery, Hamilton County, TX

Civil War Service: Company F, 20th Texas Cavalry, Bass' Regiment, CSA

Enlisted: March 10, 1862

Captured: Honey Springs, Creek Nation, Arkansas, July 17, 1863

Prisoner-of-War Camps: 1) Fort Blunt, Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation (August 1863), 2) Gratiot Street Military Prison, St. Loius, MO (October, 1863), and 3) Camp Morton, Indianapolis, IN. (November, 1863) Initially refused to take oath of allegiance. Finally took oath on May 22, 1865 and was released from Camp Morton to return to Texas.

Accused of murder of his stepmother, Mary Myers Hester (Feb. 21,1877):

7-13-1877 To jail, no bail

6-27-1878 Trial, found guilty

6-28-1878 Sentenced to be hung

7-26-1879 Sentenced to life in prison - hard labor at State Penitentiary

11-25-1880 Found not guilty and released.

Family Portrait (about 1892):

Dora, Allie, and Lillie

Thomas J. Myers, Johnnie Whidden, Jane Ann Myers, and Myrte

Picture of Sherman Johnson, Allie Johnson, Tom Myers, and Bill Newton:

Descendents of Thomas Jefferson Myers

1. Patsy Louis Myers (b October 13, 1860 and d March 2, 1921)

married William Ray Jacob Newton on September 20, 1974

Tom Locklear's mother describes their house as having two stories with a spinning wheel upstairs. She remembers the Newtons as being fond of singing.

Picture of Patsy and Bill Newton

2. Sarah J. Myers (born November 28, 1862 and died ?)

married Albert Balenger

Picture of Unknown Sister (tentatively identified as Sarah and Albert Balenger):

3. Malisa Florence (Florie) Myers (born September 9, 1866 and died Arpil 2, 1896)

married Henry Curtis Clemmer (1855 - 1927) on July 28, 1883

Picture of Family of Florie Myers Clemmer:

Elbert, Henry Clemmer, Arthur, Lela Dell, Florie Clemmer, and Earl Clemmer

4. Henrietta Myers (born October 2, 1868 and died August 1895)

married Joseph John Wheeler (died 1927)

Wedding Picture of Henrietta and Joseph Wheeler:

died in childbirth in 1895 as a result of moving heavy object

were raised by their grandparents after mother's death

Tom Locklear's mother is the oldest of the three daughters of Clayton Samuel "Shorty" and Vera "Bobbie" Wheeler Horton. The three sisters were called Fustie, Mutt, and Doodie.

Picture of Verna and Vera Wheeler:

Picture of Verna and Vera Wheeler

5. Milly Bell Myers (born October 5, 1870 and died May 18, 1909)

married Dudley Balentine (1859 - 1942) on July 4, 1891


Picture of Millie Balentine, Otis, and Loyal:

6. Rebecca H. Myers (born October 31, 1872 and died October 2, 1900)

married J. C. Widden on January 19, 1889

Married John J. McGee

Picture of Rebecca Myers McGee and Family:

Allie Myers

John McGee, Fred, Bob, Rebecca McGee

Emmit, Johnnie Widden, Mike (child of John and Rebecca McGee)

Johnnie Widden (child of Rebecca and J.C. Widden)

Emmit, Fred, and Bob (children of John McGee and 1st wife)

7. Dora Myers (born March 26, 1875)

married E. G. Walls

8. Lillie D. Myers (born April 4, 1877 and died 1951)

married unknown Roark

married J. W. Lowder

married C.H. Williams on December 21, 1895

married Otis Burford

Died due to ptomaine poisoning from having eaten homemade ice cream made in a tin bucket at approximately 18.

Picture of Tessie as an infant:

According to Tom Locklear's mother, Aunt Lillie was living with Verna Wheeler Hiller in Godlwaithe when she died. Tom remembers that she was heavyset with beautiful silver white hair. He remembers her as being a very sweet person.

9. Emma Myers (born February 21, 1879 and died in 1891)

10. Allie Mae Myers (born April 2, 1881 and died February 23, 1958)

married Eugene Johnson (1875 - 1925)

Tom Locklear's mother describes the family as very fun-loving and outgoing. She described Aunt Allie as a kind person with a dark complexion and dark hair. The family loved to play dominoes. She describes Aunt Allie as "quite a snuff dipper."

Picture of Grace, Neva, Allie, and Patsy Johnson:

Picture of Eugene and Allie Johnson, Sherman and Quitney:

Daddy, Mama, Sherman, and Quitney



Picture of J.L. Johnson:

Picture of Eugene Johnson:

Picture of Grace Bell Johnson


Picture of Virginia, Daughter of Patsy Johnson Hawkins:

Picture of Quitney and Sherman Johnson

Picture of Allie and Patsy Johnson (taken in Temple, TX):

Picture of Home of Allie and Eugene Johnson in McGirk, TX:

Picture of Virginia and Rex Hawkins, children of Patsy Johnson Hawkins:

Picture of J.L. Johnson and Neva Johnson:


Picture of Sherman, Wanda, Patsy, Doyle, Grace, and Allie Johnson

Picture of Adult Johnson Children:

Patsy, Wanda,

Grace, Sherman, Quitney, and Neva

11. Alonzo Myers (born May 3, 1883 and died about 1885)

died before the age of two


Picture of Lonnie Myers:

12. Myrtle Myers (born April 3,1895 and died July 1933)

married Claude Vinther

She and her husband died in an automobile accident in California.

Picture of Jane Ann Myers and her daughter, Myrtle



Picture of Eva and Preston Vinther:

Children of Aunt Myrtle (probably before 1912)