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Images for the Descendents of Thomas Jefferson Myers

To my cousins: So this page and others will load quickly, I will put labeled links on this page. I have broken down the "scrapbook" that I made for my grandmother for Christmas 1998 into smaller units so it will load more quickly. I also have included the pictures that I obtained from Tom.


I found this letter from Lillie Myers Ballentine to Mrs. Esto Newton, daughter- in-law of Patsy Myers Newton. It gives the birthdates of Tom and Jane Myers. It also lists all their children and their birthdates.

Letter from Lillie

Pictures from Tom: Page One

Page One

Pictures from Tom: Page Two

Page Two

Scrapbook of the Family of Patsy Johnson Hawkins

Patsy Johnson Hawkins, my grandmother, was born in 1908. She is the daughter of Eugene Johnson and Allie Myers Johnson, the daughter of Thomas J. Myers and Jane Futhey Myers.

Here is the URL for the original site. There are lots of images and it takes a long time to load.

Myers Scrapbook

The same scrapbook, broken down into pages so it will load more quickly:

Page One of Scrapbook

Page Two of Scrapbook

Page Three of Scrapbook

Page Four of Scrapbook

Page Five of Scrapbook

Page Six of Scrapbook

Page Seven of Scrapbook