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Rotational Motion Homework

  1. What is the angular velocity in rad/s of a flywheel spinning at the rate of 4820 rev/min? Ans: 504 rad/s
  2. If a wheel spins at a rate of 625 rad/s, what is its angular velocity in rev/min? Ans: 5970 rev/min
  3. A fan blade spins at the rate of 94 rad/s. The blade is 20 cm long. What is the tangential speed of the fan blade? Through what angular distance does it turn in 5 sec? Through what tangential distance does it turn in 5 sec? Ans: 18.8 m/s; 470 rad; 94 m
  4. A flywheel accelerates uniformly from rest to an angular velocity of 94.25 rad/s in 6.0 sec. What is its angular acceleration? Ans: 15.71 rad/s2
  5. A solid ball has a moment of inertia of 0.0314 kg m2. It is rotated by applying a 4.7 N force tangentially to it. The radius is 14 cm. What is the angular acceleration of the ball? Ans: 20.96 rad/s2

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