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Two Dimensional Motion

  1. An object is thrown horizontally at 15 m/s from the top of a 44 m building. How long does it take for it to strike? How far from the building's base does it land?
  2. A missle is dropped from a bomber, giving it an initial horizontal velocity of 8 m/s. The bomber is 122.5 m above the ground. What is the missile's range?
  3. A plane flying horizontally at 220 m/s drops a tank when it is 490 m above the ground. How long does it take to fall? What is its range?
  4. A rock is dropped from a cliff 90 m high. What is its velocity the instant before it strikes the ground?

  1. A missile is launched at a speed of 25 m/s at an angle of 35° to the ground. What is its range? How high did it go vertically?
  2. Another is launched at 39.2 m/s and 30°.
  3. Another is launched at 67 m/s and 20°.
  4. Another is launched at 60 m/s and 40°.
  5. A missile is traveling at 7 m/s horizontally and 9.6 m/s vertically when it leaves the launchpad. What is its range and how long is it in the air?
  6. Grease pops onto your hand from a frying pan 1 m away from you (measured horizontally). If it were in the air 0.50 sec, what was the initial velocity (resultant) of the grease? Assume optimum angle.

Centripetal Force and Acceleration

  1. A moving ball is spun in a circle with a diameter of 1 m at a speed of 3 m/s. What is its centripetal acceleration?
  2. A 250 g mass is spun in a horizontal circle. It is held at the end of a 1 m length of string. If it is spun at 15 m/s, what force is applied?
  3. A ball weighing 5 N is attached to a 1 m string and swung in a horizontal circle above one's head at the rate of 5 rev/sec (5 rps). What centripetal force is required?
  4. Convert 10 rpm (rev/min) into m/s for a horizontal circle of 50 cm radius.


  1. What is the period of a pendulum (located on earth) that is 70 cm long?
  2. It takes 230 sec for a pendulum to reach its starting point 100 times after its release. What is its period?
  3. A pendulum bob is suspended on a string 75 cm long. It has a frequency of 0.57 sec-1. What would the period of a pendulum be that is located at the same location and is 50 cm long?
  4. A pendulum on earth has a length of 35 cm. What is its period?
  5. What is the acceleration due to gravity on planet X? A 1 m long pendulum has a period of 2 sec on this planet.

Motion in Two Dimensions Notes

Motion in Two Dimensions Homework

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